Os 10 principais fabricantes de baterias de lítio para carrinhos de golfe do mundo

It is the need of the hour to attain sustainability in terms of energy. This has resulted in an increased demand for batteries. These batteries store energy, which the consumers can use whenever they need. There is a vast majority of lithium golf cart battery manufacturers worldwide. The way of manufacturing is almost the same for all. But the specifications and cost are different somehow.

Batteries are important for golf carts also to get started. There are different types of batteries manufactured for this purpose. These include AGM lead-acid batteries, flooded lead-acid batteries, and lithium-ion batteries. A golf cart battery is an accumulator that stores limited energy in it. You can use that at a suitable place. Before replacing your battery, you must check whether your golf cart is electric or gas.

Gas golf carts can run on a single 12V battery. But electric carts need various deep-cycle batteries to start. “Lithium-ion batteries” are the best replacement for “lead-acid batteries.” Most golf cart users have also recommended this. Let’s take a look at how the former are better in comparison to lead-acid batteries. We’ll also consider the top 10 lithium golf cart battery manufacturers worldwide.

1. Johnson Controls

“Johnson Controls” is the biggest manufacturer of batteries at the moment. The industry has over 100 years of experience since starting in 1885. They have over 700 branches in more than 150 countries. They aim to produce safety equipment for buildings and “HVAC.” One of its sectors, “Johnson Controls Power Solutions,” specializes in producing batteries. You may use these batteries for automobiles and golf carts.

Though the company produces many things, everyone knows them because of their batteries. Their energy storage products are long-lasting. Also, they improve the efficiency of the equipment. You may buy batteries of your choice from any of their branches. The reason is that they’re serving in various countries.

2. Gotion High Tech

“Gotion High Tech” is another battery manufacturing company based in China. This power battery industry entered the Chinese capital market quickly. It manufactures distribution and energy storage equipment. Also, it makes “automobile power lithium batteries”. Its production and purchasing system is independent and has its own research and development. The company has also established research centers worldwide. The countries they’re working in include the USA, India, Germany and Singapore. Its primary production basis is in ten different cities in China.

The company started battery production long ago. This was the time when electric vehicles had more demand. This made them think of producing lithium-ion batteries for golf carts. They’re already going well. They are still working on making the “lithium iron phosphate materials” more efficient.

3. EVE Energy

“EVE Energy” is another Chinese company that manufactures “lithium-ion batteries for golf carts.” The company is offering solutions for power batteries as well. You may also use the “Internet of Energy” (IOE) and the “Internet of Things” (IoT).

The consumer battery products of the company are also countable. They include small lithium-ion batteries, lithium primary batteries, and cylindrical batteries. You also have the option to use automotive electronics and power tools. They also produce “cylindrical batteries” and energy storage systems. You may not see many companies manufacturing all these. “Lithium iron phosphate batteries” are another addition to their products. So, it doesn’t matter whether you need a battery for your home or golf cart; you can have any.

4. Continental Batteries

“Continental Battery Solutions” is a prominent battery manufacturer and distributor. It is a US-based company. Their founder started a small battery recycling system in California back in 1955. They were one of the companies to start recycling batteries. Over time, the company started to manufacture batteries as well. At the moment, the entire world is benefiting from their services.

The company produces batteries for different applications. These include automotive, EVs, golf carts, and solar. Besides, it is also offering products for all other sectors. And they are not stuck at one type; they are producing various types of batteries. Apart from that, they also manufacture different accessories. For example, testers, boosters, and other such equipment. So, if you need a lithium-ion battery for a golf cart, you can think of this option.

5. Tianneng Battery

Tiannen Battery Group, aka Tiannen, is the leading battery manufacturer in China. Its goal is to produce lithium-ion golf cart batteries. The company also manufactures different kinds of batteries. These include energy storage batteries, standby batteries, and 3C batteries. Automotive start/stop batteries and fuel cells are also their products. It is currently operating in more than 5 cities in China.

Most companies focus on making one kind of battery. Their ultimate goal is to provide the consumer with the best products. But that’s not the case with Tiannen. It focuses on making each of its products cheap. It has helped them succeed as compared to most of their counterparts.

6. Tritek

Tritek is another Chinese company that manufactures lithium-ion battery packs. It has emerged as the main competitor for “best battery manufacturer’. Their cutting-edge battery solution is the key to success. You can use these batteries for different purposes. But make sure that you choose the right battery. These include energy storage, golf carts, and industrial machinery. Their design philosophy is quite simple. But still, you don’t have to worry about their lifespan. These batteries last long enough.

The company has over 15 years of experience. That’s why it has done wonders in the battery market. Their quality protocol is what their key strength is. The company manufactures approximately 20,000 packs per day. And they never forget to ensure time management. You can also share your idea with the company. And they’ll try to turn it into reality. All in all, Tritek excels in battery manufacturing for golf carts.

7. Battle Born Batteries

“Battle Born Batteries” is one of the top manufacturers of lithium-ion batteries. It started via an accident. Two MBA students at the University of Nevada, Reno, were working on a project for energy storage. As a result, they developed technology and started their own company. It grew into a large company specializing in producing golf cart batteries. It also produces the same for EVs, RVs, and batteries for vans.

The main product of the company is the 12v series. A 12v lithium-ion battery is the one that we use the most in our daily lives. The company has also enhanced its distribution operation in the meantime. You can also order batteries by visiting the website and placing your order.

8. Clarios

You rarely get to know about a company that started decades ago and is still working. Clarios is one of them, with its 130-year rich history. This battery manufacturing industry is one of the best in producing lithium-ion batteries. It worked with Johnson Controls for a long time. But both companies parted ways in 2019. The company also produces and sells RVs, trucks, and vehicle batteries.

Though it is a US-based company, it distributes batteries in all parts of the world. Also, it has recently planned to collaborate with China Lithium Battery Technology. It is also looking to expand business in the US to meet the needs of every single customer. It makes it one of the top 10 golf cart battery manufacturers.


CATL is the company that is competing worldwide at the moment. It specializes in power battery manufacturing. They are focusing more on energy storage systems. You can use those systems for new vehicles only. The company is also working on the production and sales of power battery systems. They also specialize in the secondary usage of batteries along with battery recycling. In 2017, they received an award for being the leading manufacturer of lithium power battery systems worldwide. It also has connections with other automotive companies. This has helped them excel in other countries.

At the moment, it is China’s most significant lithium-ion manufacturing industry. It has entered the supply chain of top international enterprises as well. It is what makes it unique and different from others.

10. Relion

Relion started its operation in 2014 and became a top golf cart battery manufacturer in the USA in no time. Its goal is to help customers and to provide them with high-quality batteries. The team they built at the beginning is making the company successful. The company is not looking to expand for now. Its main focus is to make its products efficient.

Relion is producing batteries for different vehicles. These include golf carts, vans, and trucks. All the company’s core team members have battery industry certifications. The company also specializes in producing “portable power.” So, Relion is trying its best to make the lithium-ion batteries last longer.


The use of batteries is quite common these days for various purposes. Some people use them for their solar systems. At the same time, others do it for energy storage. Lithium-ion batteries are the need of the hour for every golf cart and vehicle. But very few companies are good at manufacturing it. The goal is to make the batteries more efficient. The companies mentioned above are the top 10 lithium-ion golf cart battery manufacturers. Visit their websites and see what they have in store.

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